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7 Personal Development Benefits of Journaling

Ever since I was young, I kept a journal and used it almost everyday. I didn’t always go into detail about the chain of events. More so, I wrote about my thoughts, feelings, considerations, and outlooks. I’d highlight some of the highs, and express my feelings towards the lows. Somehow over the years, my journals became my release. There is solace in the pages, and have learned more about myself through the writing of my daily thoughts. That’s why I recommend journaling consistently to everyone I know. It’s my greatest source for personal development and growth. There are countless benefits I’ve reaped, but here are the ones that stand out to me. Now, I believe they could be of use to you. 

1. You will begin to understand how you really feel about an experience, an event, a connection, and so on. 

This one is probably the most important one that I’ve benefited from while delving into my journaling journey. Whether I am writing about an outburst I had today or about the way I felt when someone raised their voice or forgot about me or left me out to dry. I just write everything I’m feeling and thinking, until magically I’ve come across what I’m looking for – the why. Why I felt the way I did. It has led me down a path of personal development to truly know myself.

2. You can work through triggers, resentment, and baggage. 

We’ve all got it – baggage. There’s different things that set us off at different times, and journaling is the reason I am able to reflect on my experiences, understand them, and then work through the triggers and overcome them. Things that hurt us as kids don’t have to be weights that we carry into adulthood. My writing has allowed me to forgive where apologies were not given and to truly put to bed resentments I carried for far too long. It helped me create the reality I currently enjoy and continue to build stronger. It’s not just writing for a few days and bam, healed. Healing is not linear, and it takes time and many detours, but you’ll feel a presence of effort and love for yourself in this process. 

3. It’s a space to release and completely be. 

No one reads my journals, unless I explicitly invite them to do so or decide to share my vulnerabilities. So this space allows me to be completely myself because I have no one I’m trying to convince or confront or impress. You and I are allowed to feel however we are feeling, and we should normalize that. It doesn’t mean you need to necessarily act on your rage or your sadness, but to better understand why those emotions are coming to the surface. You can let go of the pressures and the norms to be strong and invincible, because the reality is, we are not. So journaling can become your space to be completely free and the personal development needed to take you to the next level. 

4. You won’t stay bottled up. 

Journaling has become my way of saying things I don’t exactly have the words or courage to say out loud. So instead of internalizing how I feel, I’m able to put it out there, identify it, and work to understand it. Feelings, even darker ones, don’t have to be so taboo – they are a part of my journey and yours. Journaling is for you if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders or feel like you’re biting your tongue countless times a day. 

5. You will identify patterns that impact your life.

This one is big, because I would often read my journal entries from months ago or even years, and see a common theme. I had low self-esteem and I was putting myself in situations that accentuated that. I was able to identify a pattern in my love life because of resentments and baggage I had not worked through. The first step in bettering yourself is acknowledging that you do have a problem. So by rereading these pages, I saw patterns in my behavior that needed to be worked on and it made me more conscious in my future decisions. 

6. You can reflect on your day to see what you appreciate most. 

I am big into writing down “3 things I’m grateful for” everyday. Especially when I’ve had a rough day, I like to think about how I’m happy to have friends that love me, a family who supports me, a bed to sleep on, a delicious dinner, the kind lady who talked with me at the grocery store, the heads up penny I found on the ground, the sweet note I wrote to my boyfriend, and so on. It helps recenter me, and makes me have a grateful heart, no matter the circumstances. Spend a month writing what you’re thankful for everyday, and watch your perspective and personal development enhance in beautiful ways. 

7. You feel more connected with your world and being. 

Lastly and most importantly, this life is so special, and you should live it with grace and urgency to live out your dreams and passions. ‘Why not you?’ is something I love to say to myself. By journaling, I have a greater love and respect for myself and my world, seeing as I craft it be what I want. I don’t let situations stop me or belittle me. By writing, I have found my voice and will continue to grow it and provide a space for others to uplift one another. 

You do not have to be a writer to journal; you just have to be human and willing. You can do it!

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