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10 Reasons to Never Settle in a Relationship

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I am an advocate for not settling in any aspect of your life, but who you love and spend your time and energy with plays a huge factor in your personal development and emotional state. I wanted to write about this because for so long, I did settle because I was in love with POTENTIAL. We hear it all the time too, “don’t fall in love with potential” but it’s easy to. It’s easy to think, “oh it’ll get better” “he will change for me” “we could be so great together” when the realities is, you’re fooling yourself. This life is too special and so are you to wait around for someone to maybe sorta like you. If they aren’t your “HELL YES” you should hit the road.

Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t settle in relationships.

1. The feeling of truly being loved is unmatched.

While dating my boyfriend during the entire global pandemic, I’ve gotten to feel the depth of pure, unconditional intimate love in a relationship and it’s hands down the most beautiful feeling in the world. To love and to be loved in return is the greatest gift and I can promise it’s worth waiting for. Whether you’re 18 or 42 and haven’t felt what I’m talking about, you have to find the one who makes you giddy and brighter and looks at you like you hung the entire galaxy. It’s worth it, and this will show you exactly why God lead down various paths before.

2. You push yourself and each other to be better.

I get a lot of intrinsic value from working hard and doing a great job. I’m dating someone else who has those values. We are each other’s biggest supporters and continue to elevate one another on the way up. It’s great to share success with someone who wants to see you achieve your wildest dreams.

3. You are motivation to one another.

The day to day can seem so tiring and filled with endless to-dos. With a supportive partner, you are constantly reminded about the beauty of life and goals you are striving to achieve.

4. Dating your person feels differently than the past.

When you look at them, you’re like “oh yeah, that’s my person.” You may have thought you met your person before, but this time is different. This time, the love is kinder, more forgiving, and deeper.

5. You are completely yourself.

I am goofy and have a million thoughts going through my head. I have a few too many projects going on and sometimes I can be messy. Since dating my boyfriend, I’ve never felt more me. I embrace my being more. I love who I am and the way my mind works. Falling in love with someone else has allowed me to fall more in love with who I am.

6. Nothings off limits.

By being yourself and embracing your thoughts, you get to share every side of you. (Quarantine has probably taken this one to a new level). I’ve been told my Spanish practice makes him cringe so it’s very open and honest.

7. Your walls come down.

At this point, we all have baggage and things we wish we had done differently. We all have walls built to protect us. When you aren’t settling, you won’t feel the overwhelming worry you aren’t good enough or they are going to be gone when you wake up. You can share your heart, at last.

8. You improve your emotional intelligence.

You become a better communicator and this allows you create stronger connections in all aspects of your life.

9. You build a life together.

It’s really special to create memories together, and laugh about the trips and moments you’ve shared. The months begin passing, and it feels like you’ve known each other 5 lifetimes, but also just meeting for the first time.

10. You know you’re both flawed, but imperfect together.

Relationships aren’t about being perfect because if that was the case, nobody would ever last. It’s who you date – their flaws just don’t seem so bad. You can handle the snoring or loud laugh and so on. There’s a lot of moving parts in a relationship and as long as love is at the forefront and continuous effort with someone who shares your values, you’re very lucky.

I believe everyone deserves a love like this. If you are with your person, remember how lucky this life and love is.

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