Thoughtful Blonde is now providing consulting and promotional services to both on-line and in store boutiques. If you are a boutique, with less than 40,000 followers on social media and are looking to grow your audience and clientele, Hidden Gems Consulting can help! Take a look at our package options and contact Ashley DeBoer, ashleydeboer27@aol.com

Package #1- Consultation

This package will cost from $200-$500, where I will take a week to review their social media, marketing strategies, engagement, analytics, and after, I will access what changes to make, marketing strategies to implement, social media etiquette, suggestions to increase reach, and answer questions and create solutions, while helping put together a plan for them to follow to increase engagement, following, and reach.

Package #2- Weekly Check-In Consultation

A scheduled meeting every week with a specialist to track growth, what’s working or not working for their niche or target market, implementing new strategies and reaches, expanding network, guidance for future endeavors.

Package #3- Promotional

On Hidden Gems, you will pay to be promoted on site and considered one of Thoughtful Blonde’s Hidden Gems that target users who are stylish, trending, and empowering. This will increase shoppers to pay and ultimately result in more followers and a larger audience. They can pay more to be higher on the display page, to share their message, or promote their social media.

Package #4-Partnership Consult

For boutique, it’s important to get their name out there. So I will review there strategies and ideology, to work on implementing and building an affiliate program that has collaborations, specials, or partnerships. Influencer marketing is a huge thing throughout social media and blogging sphere, so it’s vital for growing boutiques to be represented well with the right blogger, influencer, and that’s what Thoughtful Blonde will do.

Package #5- The Works

The Works

Blog partnerships
Influencer marketing
Facebook group organization and creation
Email designs/newsletter creation
Social media analytics
SEO t r a i n i n g
Picture editing/consulting
Social mediacreation/organization
Planning/ reach
Ambassador affiliate Marketing plans